Parenting Workshops

The QFHSA is pleased to offer free parenting workshops to its members. In this space, you can find out about upcoming events as well as past events.

Parenting Workshops: 2021-2022


Fall 2021:

Back to School, Back to… Normal?!

Tuesday, September 28 on Zoom

How are you (and your children) feeling as this new school year gets underway? After the strange 2020/21 year we had and with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, this year’s back-to-school may feel anything but normal. What particular challenges are you seeing for your children at this time? For you in your role as parent? Come join the discussion! We’ll be sharing our thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. This free Zoom event is for parents of children from Kindergarten through Grade 11.      

Parenting Workshops: 2020-2021

Offered May 2021:

Building Understanding: Transitioning From Elementary to High School

A 2-Part Evening Workshop Series Offered on Zoom

In May 2021, the QFHSA welcomed back Family Life Educator Karen Delage for a parenting workshop series that explored the transition to high school. The workshops were especially useful for parents of children in Grades 5 and 6, but parents of Grade 4 students were also welcomed. 

Held on May 12th, the first workshop dealt with the developmental stages of preteens, their behaviour changes, their evolving needs, and how parents can best respond to those needs. The follow-up workshop on May 26th delved deeper into the mutually changing roles and responsibilities for parent and child at this stage. It explored the skills and competencies preteens must start learning and why as well as the adaptations parents can make to support their child’s growing autonomy.

Would you like to learn more about the topics discussed and the information shared in these workshops? See the article on pages 17 to 19 of the QFHSA News – Summer 2021 Issue