Home and School Volunteer of the Year Award

The QFHSA is inaugurating this new, major award to commemorate the QFHSA’s
75th Anniversary. This award is open to all Home and School members.

This involved, long-time Home and School volunteer demonstrates the following
qualities and attributes:

  • Encourages parents to get involved in their child’s education
  • Promotes harmonious relations between parents, staff, administration and
  • Is reliable and “indispensable”
  • Is professional and adds value to Home and School and school life

What Makes a Person Volunteer of the Year?

We all can probably name one person we feel deserves this honour.

This is the person that always seems to be available when something needs to be done and the H&S association is in a pickle. A person who has been part of the Home and School for so long you know he/she is the one to go to for advice and good counsel.

It might be someone who has taken a leadership role in your association for a long time. Perhaps it is someone who has just come in recently, like a knight in shining armour, and has kept the events of the Home and School going, bridging an awkward period between out-going and incoming administrations.

Someone who can always be counted on to do and say the right thing, a peacemaker, someone who is truly motivated for the benefit of the kids, first and foremost.

Every Home and School has some such person.

Let us know who he/she is. Tell us why this person is/has been so important to your association.

Include testimonials from fellow H&S members. Include an endorsement from the Governing Board or the Principal, if appropriate.

All Home and school volunteers are unsung heroes, but some shine brighter than others. Let us know about your shining star.

Send submissions to info@qfhsa.org with School Volunteer of the Year submission in the subject line. Please include a photograph of the nominee with your submission.