QFHSA Member Home & School Associations Interactive Map


Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations (QFHSA) has launched an interactive map to mark member home & school (H&S) associations over the past 75 years. This map visualizes the history of Quebec H&S in general, but also embeds with each member H&S’ historical past, e.g., the archival photos, founding executive committees etc. This is a piece of work to revive our memory by utilizing today’s technology and to demonstrate a continuous evolving QFHSA in this digital era.

What on map?

Historical & Geographical distribution

Display H&S geographical distribution over past 75 years

Founding Committee

First committee information of local H&S when becomes a member of QFHSA

Archival Photos

H&S Photos and news clips from our archive resources

How to use the map?

  1. Click “menu” icon at the left top of the map window             
  2. Select year range(s) you wish to view (Note: all year ranges are selected in default view, please deselect ones you wish not to view)

You can find your H&S on the list by year range at the left menu bar or using search:

  1. Click “enlarge” at the right top of map window
  2. Find “Search” entry
  3. Type into school name
  1. Locate your H&S on the map (Please refer to “Find your H&S section”)
  2. Find album by clicking the picture on the top of information bar
  • Membership Period (start year and end year)
  • Members of the first H&S executive committee
  • Members of the last H&S executive committee
  • Full address
  • School board
  • Archival photo(s) 
  • Newsletter clips

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